Final Major Project


Today I have to start doing preparation for final major project. In the final major project was self – project. I will write two proposals about my ideas and see what I will planning to do in my final project. However, in final major project we will display our final work on our graduate exhibition. I had look around thing between me to find out what things will interested me and can inspired me. Moreover, by finding ideas I had visited different social media to see what others people ideas and have a look what ideas can inspired me to put into in final project. I visited all my favourite artist Instagram and putting key words on Pinterest to see what different things show on it could help me with me.


Today I still work on with the research to find some ideas. And I also had discuss with my tutor about what ideas do I have and what others inspiration inspired me at the moment. However, at the moment I think maybe I could use “emotion” or “culture” for my final project theme. I can also do a personal branding advertising to present in my final project. But after discuss with my tutor we both think my ideas was too big was not enough practical. Maybe not a best way to use the ideas to develop in final project.


After last time discussed with my tutor, I feel I was a bit stack on the beginning. So I clean up my mind and start everything again. Firstly, I research on Pinterest without any purpose just looking around all things has show on the website and sometimes click on to some image or tittle that attract me. However, I still can’t get any inspiration from researching. So I still find my tutor to discuss what I can do in my final. My tutor and I still research from Pinterest, because I think Pinterest have so many different people ideas, experience, works and opinions. So I really think Pinterest could help for me. Finally, we saw a “still life drawing” image from Pinterest.However, we think we got a idea inspired by “still life drawing”. I was wondering if I could do things like “still life fashion”. So I had look for some fashion image and brand advertisement works. And I think this kind of works its really fit me and it was what I could handle with. I love doing photography and image edit. So I want to present “still life fashion” for theme then I can during this theme to develop my ideas and mind.However, I also find some style of the works that I think I would like to work with and some works that I think it inspired me.And I also find a website that I think the image that it present may be can hep in my next step( )

Below this all the image inspired me to get my theme for my project ideas. So now I got my first theme for doing my proposal .


During the first idea proposal, I start thinking about my second idea proposal. As always, I look at printerest to find what can inspire me and what could give me ideas. However, I didn’t get anything that interest me. I start doing research of artists work. Then I finally a image from internet and I think it inspire me. So I start thinking if I could to things near tiny first proposal idea. I want my theme present fashion relay to colors of food. Because I was very interested in photography so I was wondering I could do photography works and I think food could bring me many ideas.So I decided I will use colour of food to present fashion for my theme. And in this pripsal I would like to get ideas by supporting artist research. Moreover, I want to design a press pack of my final work. In press pack it including look book, post card, envelop, mail, DVD and tags.img_1475

This is the image that inspired me to get the idea for final major project.So I think I will research different artist to see who do works to present object with food.


After I reflect on two ideas for my proposal I start to write two proposals. I think I found difficult to get reference to support my ideas and hard to show my inspiration clearly. Because no image to let reader understand I think if I could put image in then will be more easier to let people know. However in writing techniques and presentation part cause I’m not sure what I will use or what kind of create sortware I will use so i could only write down all the things I knew about it.When i was writing the proposals I still do the research of where to visit at the same time. And by the research, I will visit national gallery in London, The museum of Modern Art in New Work, Vistoria Miro gallery, Design Museum, Camden market and Harrods food hall to get information and inspiration. Moreover, I will went to Solomon R. Guggenheim for primary research.


I’m done with my proposal. I started prepare my presentation for two proposal. I sprite two power point to present each of my proposal. Firstly, I put my theme on it and I show what inspire me what I how I want to present in my project and I also show what ways do other people use to present their work in this area. I some image of what I want to do with my final work and list out which museum and exhibition I will visit and where i will do my primary research. Moreover, I also put who I will do research in this project, I will do six artist research because their work is reeky relay to my project theme and i think from their work could give me a lot of inspiration and help for me. Therefor, I also list out what kind of create software I’m going to use and what material I will use for my design work.


Presentation day!!! Today, we all going to present our two proposal idea. I think all of the classmate have great ideas for there final major project and it make me feel a bit stressful. I think I really like Kenie and Ariel presentation. They have a clear mind and ideas for there presentation, also they have a enough image to present to us to let us deeply know what they really what for their proposal ideas. However all classmate got interesting ideas such as universe , animals instinct, abandoned, gender fluid and Chinese culture.In my presentation, my tutor think that my ideas its good but can be more interesting, so they suggest me I can mix two of my proposal and present still life fashion and relate with food colour. I think doing presentation its good for us to develop our though, because I think we can see how others people explore their though and develop their ideas from the presentation and I can also learn what I am not as well as them from the presentation too.


I did all the preparation work that I need to did already. I start to do my timetable to plan what I have to do in the future. making a timetable could help me a lot becauseI’m not goo at time control. However, I think it’s hard to do a plan cause I’m not good at making a plan . I feel so hard to do it. Because I also do work when I think I  need to do.In my timetable plan to do research to support my them and ideas first. Then I plan I will visit museum and exhibition for getting inspiration. Moreover, I plan I will visit the brand store that I’m going to do and I will but the product that i need for my project. Following on, I plan I will do many photography in my Easter holiday. I will research is there any location that suit for my project and do photography there. And in Easter holiday, I also will book a studio and make a appointment with model in my country. Then when I back to school and being I get many primary work in Easter holiday, I start to do creative work base on my basics work that I have and develop it to make it become my outcomes. I plan I will finish all my final work on the 26th May.


Today,I start doing research about brand I might use for my project. I had visited in Selfridges and Harrods online shop to see what brand products could attract me and interest me and its suit for my project theme. I found out there is few brand that i was interested with. They were Undercover, Skinny Dip and Top Shop. I think undercover was a quite interesting Japanese brand.There designer is Jun Takahashi. They sometimes design items with food theme. And I like their style a lot so I think this brand is suit to my project . Top shop is a very famous high street brand. By my research I think this brand is easy for me to do research and I think base on this point it will make my project to become more easier to handle it. Moreover, they always have very interesting collection and they had try to make food for theme products too. The last one, Skinny dip is a bit different brand to the other two brand. Skinny dip has a lovely style and I think this brand style its really relay to what I’m going to do in my project. Skinny dip its full of girly mood style and they design many interesting and lovely collection. I’m really interest it . However, I will think about in this three brand and make a discussion to pick which brand for my final project.

Below is all the products that I found from the following three brand and I think it attract me and interested me.

12/3/2017 – 17/3/2017 New Work trip for FMP


Today I went to Guggenheim museum which is locate 1071, 5th Avenue. It was a super big building and design with a fantastic outlook shape. I saw a pice of work that i learn from Contextual studies which is Alchemy from Jackson Pollock. In this museum I cannot get a lot inspiration. I think is because for this museum present more pass days works and all of the work from there were too art not really relate to fashion, so I don’t think it help a a lot for my final major project, but I still do some quick sketch and have a look of the colours of the work and update how i could match colour together. After, I went to The Metropolitan Museum. I think this museum is a same type of British Museum. The outlook and what they present is really similar. Because I still have to visit next museum and this museum is too big so I only visited The Photography Hall. I think its very different between what I imagine before. But I still can see how different ways do people use their own way to show the things from the photography and I also see what different angle will be better for different subjects. I didn’t get  much inspiration but I had learn somethings from their. Then I went to Museum of Natural History. This museum was not plan by school. I go there because my friend invited me to go. As the museum name tells. The museum present things in natural like animals and science area. However, I think I get a bit inspiration from there. Because i had went to a hall it present galaxy and I think ht colours of galaxy was very fabulous. I think for my final major project, I could use this kind of colour in my brand.


Today, I went to The Museum of Modern Art – Manhattan. I love this museum a lot but unfortunately I don’t have e ought time to visited a lot. I love this museum because it show pass days work util nowadays works. I think its a best way for me to compare what kind of work do I prefer and how the work style change. Although it didn’t got a lot works relate to my project but i think this museum had show many modern works so this is the best museum I ever visited.In MOMA, it still present some still life work and I think it help a bit for me and I also saw some special style photography with editing. I think this work is really what I want to get inspiration. Moreover, I also saw many illustrations works and I think it can help for my project, because the work its collaborate with physical materials. How they present their ideas is very special. I wish I will do some work like this. Following on, I still saw many huge work I had never seen before and it was awesome.Form this museum, I think I get inspiration form the photography, colours, shape, work style.


Because is nearly the end of the trip, so I decide to visit some shop that I think it might help for my project. I went to Victoria Secret in 5th avenue, because there is  a small exhibition at the upper floor of the shop. At there, it has show the display of the angle wear in the fashion show. I can’t believe that I could see the real things in my life. Is really really close to the costume. At the exhibition, it show how the design come from the inspiration and the step of the develop it. Moreover, it also show how they chose the fabric and how they do with the styling. I was so happy to see this things and because visited here, I get so many ideas for my project. I could use feather or diamond I’m my final major project. However, because I want to present still life fashion and try to connect a bit food colours in my project, so I went to some special food shop to take photo and see how would help for my project. I went to shake shack, Lady M, Cupcake ATM, Miss Korea, etc. I wish what I had visited will help for my final.

Because I’m leaving today. I was very disappoint with myself. I didn’t went to Skinny dip store. This is the most stupid things I had ever did. Skinny dip is a brand from USA. I can find more things if I go there. I don’t have time. Super sad !!!!!!! Bad time planner!


After the New York trip, I have to but all the things I have been see in New York trip on a sketchbook. When i was doing the sketchbook, I was wondering if I can get more ideas when i reviewing all the places that I have been visited. However, I think there is no much that I can discovery. But by doing this sketchbook, I think I  get more deep memorise  of the work and the places that I think it had inspired me. Moreover after I finished my sketchbook, I think comparing USA art and UK art , I think USA will present more modern art work and they will promote young artist and some art work that from unknown. I think this is very good. i think UK should do more things like USA in this part. For next step, I’m planning to do some collage in my sketchbook to show what is still life fashion and  how still life fashion present the ideas.


Today, I have to do a short presentation to the class. I think its good for always doing presentation, because I can hear how other classmate thought in their position. Its a good way to find out what I need to think more in some way that I need. However, I still have to hand in my timetable, two of my proposal mind map and moodpboard in a folder to my tutor. When I was doing the two proposal mood board. I think those two topic is really close so I really want to try to mix this two theme together.Because the last presentation tell about the two projects ides my tutor had already suggest me to combine two ideas. In my view, I think its will be a good try to combine two ides but I also think its hard to let people know why I’m doing this , hard to explain why I want to combine food with still life fashion and its hard to control and developing though. I think I will based on still life fashion and add some ideas of combining food with my subject. So that will not only in food area it still can present still life fashion and adding some food to make more interesting.


Today, I did two collage to show the ideas of still life fashion. I want to make sure how much do I know what really still life fashion is, by doing the collage. However, I think during what I did I know there are somethings wrong with my ideas. Still life fashion should not include with too much human or animals parameters. It should be a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, or shells) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, and so on) so I think I did two collage that might not really consider to still life fashion because two of my collage still got too many human body, so I think during this two collage, I’m not really on the correct way. However, I will still put them on to my sketchbook. Because  think this two collage can remind me the ideas and how to use on with the colour. Moreover, during this two collage the image that I got from internet actually is a still life fashion photography. It just because my creative I change them to not really still life.


During last time I think I didn’t do very well in my collage, so I did two collage again today. I want myself to know well what is still life fashion so I do research on Pinterest.I had look many still life fashion photography. I think there is many way to present still life fashion. Some people use flat angel photography or bird eye view angel. Moreover I think most artist used to use background colour to help for the image to bring out the visual effect and by using interesting things to combine with the subject, like food or a part of human body. So I found a photo from the internet one of them was from Valentino poster and the other one its a brand photo to promote their watches. I combine this two photography and make a new collage. However, I also did a colour swatch and trying to present still life fashion by the colour swatch and I pick the colour its very similar to skinny dip which I’m going to do this brand in my final major project.SKMBT_C224e17051518240SKMBT_C224e17051518200SKMBT_C224e17051518231


Today, I went to Skinny dip in Cambridge Top shop for primary brand research. I went there to visited what they produce on store, how they layout their products, what is their best sellest, how they promote their items, what other brand will be their competitor and   what is in discount at that time. However, because Cambridge Skinny dip was based in Top shop so there are not a lot products show in their and it only got one till to display Sinny dip items. Moreover, I think its too simple to show the products. If I am a customer.  I don’t think the products will attract me and I think  all the product put there look a bit no good. I think if things promote like this, it won’t help for their selling. I think may be is because this Skinny Dip is a based in store not their own physical store, so I plan I will when to visited London Skinny dip to see the differences between Cambridge store and London store.


Today, I use my free time and went to Tate Modern and Victoria Miro. Why I’m going to Tate Modern? Because there is a exhibition show still life photography and i think it could be relate to my project. However I went to Victoria Miro is becauseI saw there is exhibition call “Passage/s” by Do Ho Suh. I saw the photo from the website and I like her ideas and how she layout her 3D works and I like the colours a lot and I think its quite connect with Skinny dip. However, when I arrived, the workers told me yesterday was the last day of the exhibition. So I could only visited the new collection by Seconding Hernández. It was snot really what I want to visited but I can get some inspiration of how to mix all the colour together. It a bit surprise me of the size of his work. Its so so so big and I’m sure its very difficult to crate it.I had took the photo to remind myself hoe could colour been used. I also wen to Tate Modern. I visited nearly all the gallery from there and I also visited Wolfgang Tillmans, he had do many still life photography and I think its very interesting and he also use food to combine with some subject. I think his work is really similar to Ren Hang. They both got a very brave mind when they were doing the photography. I like Tate Modern a lot. i think I get a lot inspiration from there. I think I would like to go there for all my project primary research. Next step I will start  work on with my sketchbook and start doing some creative works and develop


Today, I went to London Skinny dip store for primary research. Last time, I went to Cambridge Skinny dip store and I think I was very disappoint with their display and I don’t think it will work well with there promote. However, I don’t think I can get much information for my final major project from there, so I decide when to London store. As much as I want, I finally get a good primary research for my project. I think London store was so so so different to Cambridge store. London store got a beautiful design with the store. It was a quite simple style and full of girly style. I really like it. Moreover, I think their display still not strong and only have one staff in store to service to customer. In addition, they sell more products then Cambridge store and I think there is another good things is, they had some map card for free to customer and the card had write all the Skinny dip social media account. There is a good way to promote themselves. After I visited the store, I bought some products for bring back to my country for Easter holiday works. During my Easter holiday, I will plant do two photoshoot.


Easter Holiday. I went back to Hong Kong for my Easter holiday. During my holiday. I’m planning to do two photoshoot and some collage and some artist research for helping me to know more about what I could do in this area and what ideas to present my topic. So today, I start being to do a collage, because I still want to get more ideas for my theme during I do the collage. I think doing collage can really help for developing my though and I also think by doing collage can always improve my visual skills. I was researching many different artist work and find out how they used to present still life fashion in a pace of flat work and how can they made their work to become more interesting and more attractive. Finally, I think by matching  something that people don’t used to imagine it will be match together. So I find a image that using fabrics to  create a heard and combine with a spoon for a tie and I think it came out quite good effects. I think it look interesting and I also create different colour for the background to see which one is the most match one. By using changing background for design experimentation can make me know what colour match together can come out better effects. I design six different background and chose four final piece that I think it works well.SKMBT_C224e17051518250SKMBT_C224e17051518241


Because I have to do a photoshoot in my holiday so I did artist research for helping me to get some ideas of how should I do my photography. Then I found a interesting photographer from instagram. People used to say he did the most dangerous photoshoot. So I start doing research about him. He’s name is Haruhiko Kawaguchi. He is a Japanese photographer. I think his work is full of visual art and combine with  a story. I think his work is very modern art just like still life fashion photography. He believe bathbus, couples, love and challenge are strong themes though this artist work with other key elements including individuality style, communication and intimacy. He put human into some pose that he think it fit and asked them to stay in a plastic bag and keep them into a couldn’t breath position in that plastic bag. Actually its very dangerous. Every shooting it only can keep in 30 seconds to one minute. He got so many video about how he did his photography works in youtube. In my opinion, I knew that still life its mean things without life force. So I think when human without air and when we can’t breath  it mean we were out of life force. This is the reason why I want to do more research about him. During I did the research about him, I think I could do something similar like him. I could put some skinny dip products into a plastic bag then use hoover to absorb the air inside the plastic bag. After doing research about him, because I really like his work so I use all the image that I like and create a collage about his work. I think after researching him, it could help me to develop more though in photography ideas.   SKMBT_C224e17051518260


Today, I went to a model school and book a photography studio for next Monday photoshoot. Because I got a friend who is model in that model school, so she can help me for my photography. Therefore, I did some perpetration works. Because before I came back Hong Kong  I had bough some sticker from skinny dip. So I will use those sticker to be my subject in my photography. Moreover, I also bough some beautiful patterns paper for helping me with my photography. I want to present a soft colour and relax style in this photography. So I still bough some paper card that had wrote some beautiful sentence and some nice flower. My photography plan is try to present still life fashion with a part of human body. Because I had saw some still life fashion photography works has combine with human body and it work pretty nice. So I wanna try on that direction. I’m not how it will work, but even it didn’t work well it still could be my photography experimentation. However, I still want to try something new, so I was planning if I could do some outdoor photography. I want to do some outdoor photography with dry powder. It was just my ideas, I’m not sure will it be happen yet, because if I use dry powder it won’t able without life force. Maybe I could use that kind of photography to present skinny dip colour and fist mind that I think of the brand.


Today, I went to model school studio to do my project  first photo shooting. I have got two plan for today. Fist plan, I want to do some photo shoot in normal still life fashion style. Every things is flat and using different colour or pattens background with Skinny Dip items. Then see how can make the image become to different vision. Second plan, I have invited one of the model from the model school to helping me to finish my photo shooting. My idea is try to explore more things base on still life fashion photography, so I ask model to nude and I stick skinny dip products on her body. Base on what I plan to do I still trying to focus on still life fashion photography style. After the photo shoot , I find out its a bit hard to keep my ideas but still base on still life photography, because comparing the product and model. Model is more attractive than the object. So is pretty hard to make sure all the image was focus on the object. But I think there are still some photography work well and I think I can use it to develop to final out come. For photography, I was wondering if I could do things more differently and special. Because I had went to even call “The Colour Run ” and I think it really relay to Skinny dip style, full of young blood. I think I will try things like colour dry powder in my photo shoot.


Today I picked the image that I think I would like to use for my final out come. Then, I started to use photoshop to edit it. Honestly, I think may be is because the studio have good supplies so it really help a lot for my photo shoot. First I think the light is really good so I don’t have to do a lot later post produce. Moreover, I think I had find pretty good angel so I do have to fix much or use photoshop to crop again. After doing all the editing work, I was very happy with it. Then I did research about “The Colour Run” and Skinny Dip. I want to find out if there is things can connect to both of them. However, I think the event theme is not really relay to Skinny Dip. Actually, both of them is quite different. I think its not easy to combine them together. Then I start to think more idea, I think it will be ok if I can use colour powder and use on my photo shoot. And colour powder was realise by “The Colour Run”. So I did some research to see how other photographer use colour powder with their photography. I was planning to bough some colour powder from the internet first. Then I have to invite the model again to help woth the photo shoot. But there is one thing remind me, if I got model the whole photo shoot will turn hard like last photo shooting. I was wondering maybe I can try it first and see how things come out well or not. If is not good then change the idea to present Skinny dip style – “young blood”.


Today I waited for the colour powder delivery then I went to the beach ready for my second photo shoot. After a whole night thinking, I change my plan and idea. I decide to use colour dry powder to present the style of Skinny Dip and present how young are they and how vitality do Skinny Dip would like to show to public. Firstly, I ask the models to spray the powder to each other then I take the photo shoot of their movement. Trying to see if it can show how vitality they are in the photo. After, I focus on their T shirt, because is full of colour and I think it can present the style of Skinny dip. Also I think the powder really bring quite good effect. And because I requires  the model must wear white T shirt, so when the colour got on their shirt it became very nice. I did a lot photo shoot on their T shirt. The whole photo shoot out come was really similar to what I want. But there is one thing that I think I didn’t work well. The time was not really enough, because the model got appointment with other photographer. Base on I don’t have enough time, so I didn’t try many different angel for my photo shoot and I didn’t bough enough colour powder. This make me feel a bit disappointed with it. Next Monday, I have to back to UK and go to school I will plan two more photo shoot to do it. I think I still do not have enough photography to use for my out come.


Today is my first day back to school. First I preview what I had did in my easter holiday. I think maybe is because is my first day of school. I was not really concentrate to how what I should do next. So I use the last photography that I took from easter holiday then I did a collage to help me to bring me back to my though. Because the last photography that I took is want to present Skinny dip style, so I pick one of the image that can clearly show the powder colour on their white t-shirt then I use photoshop selecting tool to select the colour part of their t- shirt and used the colour to create a collage background. I did a collage like poster for skinny dip. Before I want to shoe a 3D effect poster but I find out its a bit hard for me. I don’t have good photoshop skills to create it, so I change my ideas I use pattens to try to show 3d effect and by using the colour T- shirt for background. In the work process, I try in different colour effect and I choose the best two colour effect that I like and show on my sketchbook. Finally, I think my collage didn’t work that well but I’m happy with I select a part of  the colour t -shirt for collage background. I think I should use more my photography to help for develop my other creative art works.


I want to did my third photo shooting, so based on my experiment. I knew that before doing the photo shoot it is better to do more research, so I can more clearly know what I’m going to do, what I have to do, what idea I want to present and what kind of photography is suitable to my project. Then, I started to do still life fashion photographer research. When project just started, my tutor had recommend me some photographer that might help me to inspire ideas from their work. So I pick one of the photographer that I was interest then do research about her. Elise Mesner, I really like her work and I think her work had inspired me a lot. She let me know, if I want to do a interesting photography. I have to think of what object had ability to bring out the visual effect and what colour will be match when they put together.Moreover, I also find out many fashion still life photography works used to combine object with food and they used have very strong vision. In my opinion, I really like this kind of photography works. If I were a customer, I think I will be attract by this kind of photography works. In my next photo shooting, I will combine my ideas and put her photography style in my photography, and I think this kind of work it very suit to Skinny dip as well. I think is photography style could be a good way to branding skinny dip.SKMBT_C224e17051818340SKMBT_C224e17051818330SKMBT_C224e17051818350I did a collage after I do the research about Elise Mesner, and I put my ideas and tell what I think her works has inspired me.


Today, I have to start my photo edit work for my last photography. I pick some of the photography that I think its good for my theme then used photoshop to edit it, because of the ideas is showing what is the style does Skinny Dip present to public. When I was picking the photo. I think the photography vision didn’t come out well, so I have to work hard on the future edit work. In my editing work, I have to change some photoshoot colour and crop the photo into more suitable position. Moreover, after editing photo I think i still can’t find much photo works that I think well so I decide not to use much for my project. I will just put these photography works in my sketchbook and show the ideas of what style do Skinny Dip got. In next step I will do another photography for post card and GIF for my final outcome. SKMBT_C224e17051518281These are the photography that I had use photoshop to do edit work and I think it work nice and I would like to use it to present Skinny dip style. Moreover, after doing the photography edit work. I cut out the the clothes that the model had wear and stick the fabric on the sketchbook and wrote drown the concept of this photography.


Today, I did my third photography. This photography is for my postcard design and GIF design. The day before, I went to Tiger to bough some staff and went to supermarket to buy some fruit that I would like to use on my photography. Also the ideas of buying the things from Tiger is because I need some  things to help me to buy out the still life fashion effect and I think Tiger have many funny things and interesting things that can match for my photography ideas. And I bough the fruit is because the last artist research that I did, I think when food combine with still life photography it can come out interesting effect. I think I bough many things that really help me a lot in my photography. Moreover, when I was doing the photography. I think all the things match good with the Skinny Dip products. However, I think there is one hard thing to do well when I was doing the photo shooting. I think is hard to control the light for the shooting, sometimes is bit too bright sometimes work too dark. Even I ask my teacher to help I think its still hard to make it in a perfect position. I think its because of the background paper that I bough was the shining one so its difficult to show a photography with good light support. Because I started the photo shooting  nearly 2pm and I prepare the facility around 30 minutes, I need to try in many different place that fit for doing still life fashion photography, so actually I didn’t have much time to really work on the photo shooting. At last I only did 63 photography and only had pick pick 3 photo that I think I will need. I should do a better plan for next time.

Below the photography works was I pick from the 63 photography and they were after I use photoshop to edit it.s3s2s1


Because of yesterday I didn’t have much time to finish my photography, so I have to do one more photo shooting today. I ask LuLu to be my helper this time, so I think she can help my photo shoot movement be more faster and when I was taking photo she can also give me some suggestion so I don’t need to change to many different position and  change change change again. In this time, I’m still using the same idea as last time. So I still use  Tiger staff and fruit to combine with my photo shoot and  show still life fashion ideas from the photo. Moreover, I think is because I got a experience from last time, so I think I did a better shooting in this time. I think each step work more easy and the effect come out better then the last photo shoot. Maybe is because LuLu is helping me, what ever I really like this time photography works and I think it help me so much for my final outcome. I think all the image will be suit for my postcard design and GIF design. Therefore, based on the good quality photo shoot. I didn’t do much future edit on the original image. I only did some basic adjustment for it, like brighter and crop out some part of the image. For next step, because of the photography that I did before there were not much that I could use for my final outcome and only this photography that I think it good to be use in my final outcome. I will do one more photography for my lookbook design.

Below the photography works are the image that I took and after using photoshop to edit it. I really like the photos and I think it can come out pretty good effect on the postcard and GIF.


Today, I have to do one more photography for my lookbook design. In my lookbook design I would like to show some photography can clearly present Skinny Dip products details. So this time, I focus on close range photoshoot. I didn’t use a lot other things to help for my photo shoot. Because I want to show clearly products details photography. I found out when I need to do photography like close range is more difficult then the normal photography, because the image did not show interesting and it feel nothing on the photo. So I’m not sure did I do well with my photography. I think I have to do a lot future edit with the photo and make the image become more interesting so I could use on the lookbook. In this photography works,  for next time I think I have to do more research about how to do this kind of photography before I did the photography that was not my strong point. In my project, I think this will be my last photography. I think I got enough photo for work on my final outcome design. Next step, I will chose some image that I think it could be make for GIF then start creating GIF.


Last yesterday, I finished all the photography that I have to do for my final major project, so I have to do some creative design works for final outcome. However, I have did some photo edit by using photoshop. I found is hard to edit with las photoshoot, because the light did no work well at that time so all the photography doesn’t look nice. I did much editing work than the other photo shoot. I feel it take much time on it. During editing image, I also had think of what kind for things I’m going to do with final piece. I will use this photography works for lookbook and I also pick some image that I like and I think is suitable from my last photography for greeting card.Afterimage editing , I also did some research about any present way for greeting card design. Moreover, I did a paper material research. I had bough many different kind of paper before and use for photoshoot background and now I cut it to sketchbook for paper material research, so I can know what kind of paper I would like to use for printing final outcome. Then I also did a bit research of what staff can press pack can included.


Today I started to do greeting card design. I had look many did greeting card design to get more ideas. Finally, I use one of my watercolour paint for greeting card background I didn’t use my photography work. Because I think my watercolour are more related to the style of greeting card and it look more like the products come from skinny dip. And I also use the paper card that I had did research for. Moreover I used photoshop to change my watercolour into for different effect and colour, I think that look more connect. I pick the greeting word “Good Luck”, “Thank You”, “Happy Anniversary” and “Congratulation”. After finished greeting card design, I did a envelop for greeting card. I use the watercolour for background and add Skinny Dip logo on top and out it at the lower back of the envelop. I think I did quite a lot things today. Both design look match and nice. I maybe will based on this design and make some small change then used it for final outcome in the press pack. By the way ,I think by using indesign its difficult then photoshop.


After greeting card and envelop design. Today I did another design. I did some research about sticker for internet and also have a look of what kind for stickers did Skinnt Dip sale for customer and what kind of style is it. Based on the research that I did, I think for press pack shouldn’t but that kind of sticker dose Skinny Dip sale. I think it could be some illustrate sticker and I think this kind of sticker got low vale so it suit for being a part of press pack outcome. So I did some simple ideas sketching for stickers. and write some comment for myself. After, I use photoshop to edit my illustration and colour it and make the shape to become to right angel. I had use photoshop to colour on a same sticker in many different colour to see which look better. Finally I got 13 stickers for press pack outcome. Moreover, I did two fashion GIF for Skinny dip. I use the photography that I did before then develop it to GIF. I think it quite interesting and can show more clearly the style of skinny dip from GIF. I want to make more GIF and make it to a part of press pack as well. But I have to think of how should I lay out the GIF in press pack.


Because I think doing GIF is more interesting, and I want to make GIF to be a part of my final outcome, so I did two more GIF. Basically, doing GIF is quite complex. Is so easy to bring my though into mix. Because what my way to create GIF was using photoshop base on the original image to do changes, each of the changes I will save as JPEG, after I did all the change that I want them to be change, I used premier to connect all the image together, Then the whole work it will became like a video, then I use premier to do second edit and putting effects to make the GIF become more interesting. Moreover, i had add music for my GIF I think after adding music GIF show more more more funny and interesting. I will create totally five GIF for final outcome and I will buy a USB that can be suit for my project to keep the GIF in the press pack.

Is so sad that I can’t put my GIF on my blog. It will be better if I could put it to then I can always preview my GIF to see if is there need any change.


Today I did my last GIF and I think this is my favourite one. Because I think this GIF is different style of the others GIF that I did. I use so many angel to layout it and bring into a stronger visual effect. And today I have to show all the GIF that I did and the design process and concept into sketchbook. Moreover, because I still need more outcome for press pack, and I didn’t use much photography from myself, so I did a postcard research and see what style of postcard fit me to design for skinny dip. I want to use my fourth photo shooting works for postcard design. Because I think that series image was the strongest one and I also think the style and the vision it can connect to Skinny Dip. I want to present colourful work for postcard design. My plan is use the image that I pick then use photoshop to edit again make it to be more interesting and attracting.


Today I was focus on my postcard design. Because I don’t have much time is nearly the deadline day. So after the research I did last week. I start doing deign work by using photoshop. And I had create totally 9 postcard for final outcome. Eight of them create by using photoshop and the one is create my handmade. All the postcard was based on my photography then make some special changes. I think it work out well and it look much better then without edit. I think the style was related to Skinny Dip and also can present still life fashion. Actually is not easy to keep the ideas in do works to connect to the brand. But I think I did not bad in postcard design part, except the printer at school was too terrible. the colour quality was not good. I will do the print in professional print store. So today I only did postcard design and show the process and ideas of  the postcard design. And for next step, I only got a lookbook design then everythings will be done.



Today I finished my last piece of final outcome design. Firstly, I start from doing research and get some inspiration from internet. And before I was plan to use my fifth photoshoot image to used in lookbook design. So I actually did have a not of things to do. The image I had already edit it before I just have to layout it. So I look for some other art work how they layout their image in lookbook. I get so many inspiration from Pinterest. Then I started to create it and design.

This is the research that I did and I shoe on the skectbook what photography I had pick from my fifth photo shoot.

This is the process of how I deign my lookbook layout. I used indesign to create it and I feel is still a bit hard for me to use indesign. But I improve a bit I know hoe to add effect on the image by indesign. In this lookbook I used to use feather effect on the image I think that can make the image become more natural when it create with a stronger colour background.

I had made a experimentation with lookbook design. Is probably just because of the pages order. Finally I fix it to be what I like and I think it can combine with my final conceptIMG_3419 .


Today I had print out all the things that I have to print for test and use the material that I want to use and see how it work in school printer, then I have to oder a box for putting design work inside it. I visited in many different online shop to find boxes. At first  I didn’t find a lot that I prefer. Finally, I found one that I like but they do have white colour, they only got recycle paper colour. I don’t really like but I don’t have much choice . But its fine, I could use colour scary or sticker to recreate it. Another things is, I started doing the image reference. I find so hard to do it. Because many of the image that I used is from Pinterst and the publisher was the original publisher, and many times they don’t used to put the original image reference, so it make me use a lot a lot a lot of time to check the reference to do bibliography. Next time I should started doing this part of work more early not wait nearly deadline to do this.


Today was my last day to prepare my final project. today I have to set up all the things that I need to hand it and show the photography of my final outcome in my sketchbook. moreover, I have to check what to I still to edit into my sketchbook. Check list for three things, process is it included, bibliography was it support with my image and check is my final outcome well. I wasn’t finished with my bibliography, I use a lot of artist image and internet image. I think its hard to get reference, because some of he work was unknown and I always have to waste much time to find out os it really unknown or is an artist work. Moreover, today I had wore evaluation about my project. During writing evaluation I can realise what I did well and what I didn’t do well enough. To recheck myself is a good things it can hep me to improve myself next time. I was very happy with this project and I think I can see my improvement at the same time. I still have to be better in being a good timer.





During the design that I did befor, I still have to present my ideas of the window display to promote the new product. I design to window display and they theme is around the topic and the style it’s still relay to Holiister style. I didn’t try anything new to design the window display because I think  we are promoting new marketing line so it’s adventure already, so I chose to keep Hollister transitional methods to work on to the window display design. The first design I use the new hollister logo to be the background I made a simple layout to present the new products.I think it look nice, I quite like it. The second one, I create out hollister store decorations to let customer see the window display and they can knew the new product it from Hollister.

This is all the work that I did for my this project. At last, I have to put all the research and reference and design work to indesign and explore to PDF then upload to So I explore all my from indesign and upload to issu.

My issu link for this

In this project I really enjoy what I’m doing because I think this project was very near to what I want to learn at university. And I feel suckers after I did the brand research and design the new product for it and also design the pronunciation things for the new product. I’m very happy with it.

Brand identity and analysis


Firstly, I did eight logo first sketching design, then I pick five of them to develop and added color on. Then I pick one of my favorite one to use for my future design work.Then combine with Hollister main style and theme I pick some view of California image to use for the shopping bag outlook the add my new logo on with it, I had made three shopping bag design. And I like the first design most, because I think its quite different between with the old Hollister shopping bag design and this design look clear and tidy so I really prefer this design, But I think could develop more on the image that I found.The third shopping bag ideas is inspired by Hollister parents brand Gilly Hicks.

Moreover, I did two posters design for the new products for promoting. I want to present a summer relaxing feel to the customer. So I did combine the design with the Hollister feel which is my first poster design and the second one, its inspired by Roxy, I think it give customer feel mysterious feeling.But I think I could do better with the poster next time, I have to develop more idea with it.

Brand identity and analysis


I did a marketing design. I design Hollister to product essential oil for their new marketing line. This idea is inspired by holster perfume. Based on the time I been to Hollister, the store there is a feature small in the store. They use perfume to decorate it and support a lovely and attracting atmosphere. So I consider that, customer s could take their small into their own house by putting essential oil into electronic diffuser. Moreover, essential oilcan use with many ways, such as, mixing with massage oil, have a drop with your shampoo or body wash and adding some essential oil when you are having a bath. So essential oil its I want to product a new line in Hollister.

By doing this discussion, I had did many research about the customer think of their smell and how people likes their perfume and which perfume was the besets selling. Ad I find some customers comments after they bought Hollister perfume from online shopping website.

After that, I’m going to do promotion work to this new products.I will make a new logo design for Hollister then I will create a poster for promoting the new products. Moreover, I will present my ideas of hoe should this products be promote by window display.

Brand identity and analysis


I did a customer target about Hollister. From my research the result come out their products attract age 14-18 teenagers, However they do not understand who their target male shops with – their parents. So I think the real customer should be their parents. Teenagers use Hollister products and Hollister earn money from their parents. And I did a small customer research from the people who around me. Overall , they do used to buy Hollister products now, but they think Hollister price was not too high they think they can handle with it but Hollister product really got a thin category, so is hard to attract to the older customer.


Brand identity and analysis


After I did SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis. I start to do other research. Firstly, I research how many store do they got in the UK. There is 31 stores in UK, five stores cover in London. And I did research about Hollister social media. They promote their brand from six different social media. Instagram, Online shop, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. In my opinions, excerpt online shop I think the most useful social media promote way is by promoting on Instagram and Facebook, because this two social media was cover all around the world. the other social media there might some countries not to use.

Moreover, I did a analysis about Hollister price range. Women’s products was more then mens products. And in women items part. Overall, women products the lowest price point was 5 pounds and the highest price point was 69 pounds and in mans products the lowest price point was 11 pounds and the highest price point was 65 pounds.

I think this is all the brand background research I did. Next step, I will start doing some design work and do some research about the design work.

Brand identity and analysis


During the positioning map and the online shop research. I did the SWOTanalysis and PESTLE analysis.

SWOT analysis:S is analysis Hollister strengths such as, location, trend, target customer,price point and international market. W is analysis Hollister weaknesses, such as, competitor location, economic climate, company ethics, online platforms, Logo/Brand identity and quality. O is analysis Hollister opportunities, such as, children wear, economic climate, competitor liquidation, online platforms and social media. T is analysis Hollister threats, such as, competitors, economic climate, pricing wars and import and export. And I get the information and reference from the internet and some of the brand data analysis report. From my research, Hollister got over 500 store around the world and their products attract consumers aged 14-18 and Hollister is an life brand owned by Abercrombie & FitchCo.And the price point was lower than the parent brand.And Hollister promote and popularize product not strong enough. They only used to promote by internet .And the quality is to low and the price was not on balance with the products.So the cost performance as low.Based on there were some brand product style was similar to Hollister, so Superdry, American Apparel, Quicksilver, Roxy ad Cotton on could be threats to Hollister.Consider the style of the products are basic style, the price was a bit higher then the comparators.

In PESTLE analysis, I think its more difficult then SWOT analysis. The information and reference is much more hard to get suppot then SWOT analysis.