During the design that I did befor, I still have to present my ideas of the window display to promote the new product. I design to window display and they theme is around the topic and the style it’s still relay to Holiister style. I didn’t try anything new to design the window display because I think  we are promoting new marketing line so it’s adventure already, so I chose to keep Hollister transitional methods to work on to the window display design. The first design I use the new hollister logo to be the background I made a simple layout to present the new products.I think it look nice, I quite like it. The second one, I create out hollister store decorations to let customer see the window display and they can knew the new product it from Hollister.

This is all the work that I did for my this project. At last, I have to put all the research and reference and design work to indesign and explore to PDF then upload to So I explore all my from indesign and upload to issu.

My issu link for this

In this project I really enjoy what I’m doing because I think this project was very near to what I want to learn at university. And I feel suckers after I did the brand research and design the new product for it and also design the pronunciation things for the new product. I’m very happy with it.


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