Final Major Project


Today I have to start doing preparation for final major project. In the final major project was self – project. I will write two proposals about my ideas and see what I will planning to do in my final project. However, in final major project we will display our final work on our graduate exhibition. I had look around thing between me to find out what things will interested me and can inspired me. Moreover, by finding ideas I had visited different social media to see what others people ideas and have a look what ideas can inspired me to put into in final project. I visited all my favourite artist Instagram and putting key words on Pinterest to see what different things show on it could help me with me.


Today I still work on with the research to find some ideas. And I also had discuss with my tutor about what ideas do I have and what others inspiration inspired me at the moment. However, at the moment I think maybe I could use “emotion” or “culture” for my final project theme. I can also do a personal branding advertising to present in my final project. But after discuss with my tutor we both think my ideas was too big was not enough practical. Maybe not a best way to use the ideas to develop in final project.


After last time discussed with my tutor, I feel I was a bit stack on the beginning. So I clean up my mind and start everything again. Firstly, I research on Pinterest without any purpose just looking around all things has show on the website and sometimes click on to some image or tittle that attract me. However, I still can’t get any inspiration from researching. So I still find my tutor to discuss what I can do in my final. My tutor and I still research from Pinterest, because I think Pinterest have so many different people ideas, experience, works and opinions. So I really think Pinterest could help for me. Finally, we saw a “still life drawing” image from Pinterest.However, we think we got a idea inspired by “still life drawing”. I was wondering if I could do things like “still life fashion”. So I had look for some fashion image and brand advertisement works. And I think this kind of works its really fit me and it was what I could handle with. I love doing photography and image edit. So I want to present “still life fashion” for theme then I can during this theme to develop my ideas and mind.However, I also find some style of the works that I think I would like to work with and some works that I think it inspired me.And I also find a website that I think the image that it present may be can hep in my next step( )

Below this all the image inspired me to get my theme for my project ideas. So now I got my first theme for doing my proposal .


During the first idea proposal, I start thinking about my second idea proposal. As always, I look at printerest to find what can inspire me and what could give me ideas. However, I didn’t get anything that interest me. I start doing research of artists work. Then I finally a image from internet and I think it inspire me. So I start thinking if I could to things near tiny first proposal idea. I want my theme present fashion relay to colors of food. Because I was very interested in photography so I was wondering I could do photography works and I think food could bring me many ideas.So I decided I will use colour of food to present fashion for my theme. And in this pripsal I would like to get ideas by supporting artist research. Moreover, I want to design a press pack of my final work. In press pack it including look book, post card, envelop, mail, DVD and tags.img_1475

This is the image that inspired me to get the idea for final major project.So I think I will research different artist to see who do works to present object with food.


After I reflect on two ideas for my proposal I start to write two proposals. I think I found difficult to get reference to support my ideas and hard to show my inspiration clearly. Because no image to let reader understand I think if I could put image in then will be more easier to let people know. However in writing techniques and presentation part cause I’m not sure what I will use or what kind of create sortware I will use so i could only write down all the things I knew about it.When i was writing the proposals I still do the research of where to visit at the same time. And by the research, I will visit national gallery in London, The museum of Modern Art in New Work, Vistoria Miro gallery, Design Museum, Camden market and Harrods food hall to get information and inspiration. Moreover, I will went to Solomon R. Guggenheim for primary research.


I’m done with my proposal. I started prepare my presentation for two proposal. I sprite two power point to present each of my proposal. Firstly, I put my theme on it and I show what inspire me what I how I want to present in my project and I also show what ways do other people use to present their work in this area. I some image of what I want to do with my final work and list out which museum and exhibition I will visit and where i will do my primary research. Moreover, I also put who I will do research in this project, I will do six artist research because their work is reeky relay to my project theme and i think from their work could give me a lot of inspiration and help for me. Therefor, I also list out what kind of create software I’m going to use and what material I will use for my design work.


I did all the preparation work that I need to did already. I start to do my timetable to plan what I have to do in the future. making a timetable could help me a lot becauseI’m not goo at time control. However, I think it’s hard to do a plan cause I’m not good at making a plan . I feel so hard to do it. Because I also do work when I think I  need to do.In my timetable plan to do research to support my them and ideas first. Then I plan I will visit museum and exhibition for getting inspiration. Moreover, I plan I will visit the brand store that I’m going to do and I will but the product that i need for my project. Following on, I plan I will do many photography in my Easter holiday. I will research is there any location that suit for my project and do photography there. And in Easter holiday, I also will book a studio and make a appointment with model in my country. Then when I back to school and being I get many primary work in Easter holiday, I start to do creative work base on my basics work that I have and develop it to make it become my outcomes. I plan I will finish all my final work on the 26th May.


Today,I start doing research about brand I might use for my project. I had visited in Selfridges and Harrods online shop to see what brand products could attract me and interest me and its suit for my project theme. I found out there is few brand that i was interested with. They were Undercover, Skinny Dip and Top Shop. I think undercover was a quite interesting Japanese brand.There designer is Jun Takahashi. They sometimes design items with food theme. And I like their style a lot so I think this brand is suit to my project . Top shop is a very famous high street brand. By my research I think this brand is easy for me to do research and I think base on this point it will make my project to become more easier to handle it. Moreover, they always have very interesting collection and they had try to make food for theme products too. The last one, Skinny dip is a bit different brand to the other two brand. Skinny dip has a lovely style and I think this brand style its really relay to what I’m going to do in my project. Skinny dip its full of girly mood style and they design many interesting and lovely collection. I’m really interest it . However, I will think about in this three brand and make a discussion to pick which brand for my final project.

Below is all the products that I found from the following three brand and I think it attract me and interested me.


Today, I keep doing research to find out what things will interest me. However, I didn’t get a lot information will help for my project. So I start to prepare my presentation for next Monday. I keep read my power point and see what else could I add into to make my powerpoint to become more interesting.Moreover, I was thinking should I add the brand that I’m going work on with and show it on my presentation. However, I give put this idea, because I think I’m not understand in that three brand history and information at all. So I think I will discuss with my tutor to see which brand will be more related to my theme after the presentation. Therefor, today I only prepare my presentation and I also write down a speech for presentation and I did some research about that three brand that I was wondering.


Presentation day!!! Today, we all going to present our two proposal idea. I think all of the classmate have great ideas for there final major project and it make me feel a bit stressful. I think I really like Kenie and Ariel presentation. They have a clear mind and ideas for there presentation, also they have a enough image to present to us to let us deeply know what they really what for their proposal ideas. However all classmate got interesting ideas such as universe , animals instinct, abandoned, gender fluid and Chinese culture.In my presentation, my tutor think that my ideas its good but can be more interesting, so they suggest me I can mix two of my proposal and present still life fashion and relate with food colour. I think doing presentation its good for us to develop our though, because I think we can see how others people explore their though and develop their ideas from the presentation and I can also learn what I am not as well as them from the presentation too.



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