Brand identity and analysis


I did a marketing design. I design Hollister to product essential oil for their new marketing line. This idea is inspired by holster perfume. Based on the time I been to Hollister, the store there is a feature small in the store. They use perfume to decorate it and support a lovely and attracting atmosphere. So I consider that, customer s could take their small into their own house by putting essential oil into electronic diffuser. Moreover, essential oilcan use with many ways, such as, mixing with massage oil, have a drop with your shampoo or body wash and adding some essential oil when you are having a bath. So essential oil its I want to product a new line in Hollister.

By doing this discussion, I had did many research about the customer think of their smell and how people likes their perfume and which perfume was the besets selling. Ad I find some customers comments after they bought Hollister perfume from online shopping website.

After that, I’m going to do promotion work to this new products.I will make a new logo design for Hollister then I will create a poster for promoting the new products. Moreover, I will present my ideas of hoe should this products be promote by window display.


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