Brand identity and analysis


During the positioning map and the online shop research. I did the SWOTanalysis and PESTLE analysis.

SWOT analysis:S is analysis Hollister strengths such as, location, trend, target customer,price point and international market. W is analysis Hollister weaknesses, such as, competitor location, economic climate, company ethics, online platforms, Logo/Brand identity and quality. O is analysis Hollister opportunities, such as, children wear, economic climate, competitor liquidation, online platforms and social media. T is analysis Hollister threats, such as, competitors, economic climate, pricing wars and import and export. And I get the information and reference from the internet and some of the brand data analysis report. From my research, Hollister got over 500 store around the world and their products attract consumers aged 14-18 and Hollister is an life brand owned by Abercrombie & FitchCo.And the price point was lower than the parent brand.And Hollister promote and popularize product not strong enough. They only used to promote by internet .And the quality is to low and the price was not on balance with the products.So the cost performance as low.Based on there were some brand product style was similar to Hollister, so Superdry, American Apparel, Quicksilver, Roxy ad Cotton on could be threats to Hollister.Consider the style of the products are basic style, the price was a bit higher then the comparators.

In PESTLE analysis, I think its more difficult then SWOT analysis. The information and reference is much more hard to get suppot then SWOT analysis.


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