Brand identity and analysis


During the weekend days, I went to London for my primary research. I went to Hollister physical store. It was locate at regents street in zone one. Is in the central of the London. Firstly, I went to to look around the location seeing what other brands next to Hollister and observe what age type of customer will shop Hollister.Then I mark down how Hollister design their window display and how they show their products in the window .And I take some photo for the environment outside of the Hollister and the outlook of Hollister. Moreover, I get into the store and start doing research I research how many customer shop the store and compare female customer and male customer which patronize more.Then I looked around the shop see haw many floor do they got and what is the interior design of the store. Further more, I knew what do they selling at this season and what kind of items what on promote now and I observe what atmosphere in the store and what kind of music do they play on and how the staff wears when they were working and I still look for what they have supply to disable customer.

After doing primary research, I will do a short report to tells what I find out from my primary research and support with some internet information too.


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