Brand identity and analysis


Firstly, I did eight logo first sketching design, then I pick five of them to develop and added color on. Then I pick one of my favorite one to use for my future design work.Then combine with Hollister main style and theme I pick some view of California image to use for the shopping bag outlook the add my new logo on with it, I had made three shopping bag design. And I like the first design most, because I think its quite different between with the old Hollister shopping bag design and this design look clear and tidy so I really prefer this design, But I think could develop more on the image that I found.The third shopping bag ideas is inspired by Hollister parents brand Gilly Hicks.

Moreover, I did two posters design for the new products for promoting. I want to present a summer relaxing feel to the customer. So I did combine the design with the Hollister feel which is my first poster design and the second one, its inspired by Roxy, I think it give customer feel mysterious feeling.But I think I could do better with the poster next time, I have to develop more idea with it.


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