Brand identity and analysis


After the primary research I did a short report to tells what research that I did from primary research.

By my short report I talks about the store layout.Hollister got three floors and they split in women’s side and mad side. Ground floor sells women and mans products. Second floor sells mens products. Basement sells  women products and sale products and season promotion products.They got cashier on each floor and lift is connect with all the floors.There were around 30 staff working at the store. Window display of Hollister was strongly presenting their theme so as usual they TV was living to the beach in American and next to the TV will put two to three models wearing there products and with few plants.The atmosphere of Hollister was giving people a relaxing beach feeling.the outlook give people the first mind is full of mysteries ocean feel. And the store decorate was design with dark color and the store use the perfume by Hollister to let the customer smell, so Hollister is always got a good smell in the store. Moreover, Hollister will play will the top pop song in the store but they had a rule the music can not be louder then 80-85 decibel level and they got a playlist and every season they will renew their playlist.All the staff should wear Hollister clothing when they were working and they have to wear a sunshine look, so it can help to promote their products to customer.

And I did some store research from internet, there is 31 store in UK, 5 store in London.Hollister got six social media ways can get information from, Hollister online shop, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Customer can get news and information from those social media.


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