Brand identity and analysis


During the primary research, I start doing other research  and getting different reference by internet. I visit Hollister online shop to see how they promote and sell their products. I look of how they design the layout and what style do they present on the website. Moreover, I visit what they are on sales at the monment on their online shop and whats the new arrival products on their shopping website. And I find out the online shop sell more size then physical store but the items choose was less then physical store.

Then I did a positioning map, positioning map is sprit different hight street brand in which correct levels. Its sprit in four part, which is hight quality, low quality, low prices and high prices. And all this brand is the competitors with Hollister. And during the research that I did, Hollister was around middle place its below with hight price and low quality part. And I realize one thing, high street brand used to be partial to high price and high quality. And result show the lowest level is Primark which h is in the lowest prices and low quality part and primary was really attract to the ordinary people.

After brand Hollister online shop research and positioning map, I will do SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis. I thinks hard to do this analysis and I’m not sure where can I get information or reference for doing those analysis.


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