Brand identity and analysis


By after doing mind map and mood board, I start doing research to see what colour do Hollister used to sell for the customers. I did research by Hollister online shop and by  researching from online shopping website. From the research result that I did. I think because of Hollister used to present summer feel and beach emotion. So they will sell some basic color such as black, white and gray. And they also present bright color such as, pink, yellow, orange, blue and red. They also sell some products with special fabrics. So I did some color that I like for color swatch. I did two women’s wear products and one mans wear for color swatch. I pick black blue dark color and bright color for women items colour swatch and I chose blue colour for mans items color swatch. And based on the research I did. I found out most of the customer like this kind of color and this color was the best sellers items in Hollister.Moreover, during this weekend, I will do primary research in London and Cambridge to reach hows Hollister work on, what is the new season items at the moment, whats the different between London store and Cambridge store. Following on, I did have to research about the design of Hollister and the atmosphere, music, how the they display there products and what the staff wear when they were working.


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