Brand identity and analysis


During the research that I did and after my deep consideration. I decide to use Hollister for my project. As always, I do a mind map first but this time my mind map was a bit different with the one that I did before. This time my mind map was nearly all about exploring question for me to develop my research ideas. Because I think using this way will make me more easier to do Hollister hole system and background research and I think if I know all the information clearly then I can make a good and correct design .


After doing the mind map , I did my mood board. I try to use Hollister style to show how my first feeling to Hollister. In my mind, I think Hollister give me a summer feel and as I knew, Hollister want to present a California environment feel to customer , so I try to use many image that it can show out the summer weather and American style. I chose some go the products image from Hollister online website, then I found the wood background for my mood board background and I draw a beach and stick many image that could present the summer feels. Nextstep I will do some research of Hollister then create colour swatch.


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