Brand identity and analysis


In new project, I had to chose a hight street brand to do brand identity and analysis then to make a new marketing design, one logo for new venture , three shopping bag design , two poster design for new venture and two poster design. So I have to decide which hight street brand do I want to chose for my project. I have no idea what brand do I want to do for my project, so I could only do research to see the hight brand brand that I knew and research their background to think of which brand interest me to use for my project. During the research that I had did, I found out two hight street brand that interest me,  Hollister and COS. Hollister was my favorite brand when I was a teenager, I love the style that Hollister present and I think Hollister company background was a bit different with the other brand , so I think it will help me to easier to find more research for my project. COS,  based on this brand is so popular in Europe, and in last few years cos start turning to be international not just only Europe people knew this brand anymore. China have COS and people in China they wear COS. SO I think this brand maybe can bring out some interesting information with my research.

This is the ideas of choosing brand to do with my project. I will do more research to decide one of it for my works.


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