Storyboard of my film and meaning and the collage of after I film the video


After I do the shooting for my film. I had do a storyboard .Storyboard was tell about  flow of my film .Where will it be ,What’s the action and What kind of shot I will use in that part of video. I think doing the storyboard will make me more easier to do the editing in the future.Because storyboard can make me have a clear way then I can do on the editing in step by step.So I print out a storyboard form then I sketch the main video that I will edit in future.After I do the storyboard .I wrote few sentences about what my film wanna tell and some of the ideas that will be present in my film.

I had take some photography when I was taking my film . So I use the photo and use some materiality helps for making a collage .I want to see if the collage can inspire me some ideas of how I can do editing for my film.


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