Finish editing 


Today I had finished all the works that I should be do.I finished editing my video which mean my film is done !

This is the contrast sheet of my film!

This is the process of my film. I think I was enjoy when I was doing editing and I feel very success.I use premiere to do the editing for my film. I have use many different video that I took before and link it all together then adding different kind effect in the video .I love to use the lights effect to make a sportlight feel , colour balance to change some of the view to different colour and blur effect to make strong visual effect .I think editing film was not very difficult but it’s easy to make mistakes.I think the most hardest part is matching the video with music ,it’s hard to mix the video subject movement in the music string beat.I will work more hard in this part .
This is all the references about all different information that I get from the internet .The evaluation of this project.

Overall, I think this project had train us many things .I really think this is a good experience for our future.


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