Do some filming and research.


I had went to London for shooting some of the part for my film.I went to Piccadilly circles and Regents street to take some view movement and I went to Tottenham Hale .One of my friend she lives in Hale village and she suggested me I should go to her house place there is a very big underground parking area .The car there was less and it was a large parking place she think it would be fit for me to do my filming .So I went there for my shooting.The decision of going to hale village was a awesom idea .I think I have take good videos there . I’m sure the video that I took from there must help me a lot in my project.

My model:LuLu , Jasmine , PpuierI have use the makeup that I design before and I think it work out a good effect.

When I start filming before, I had do some research skills of how should I do the shooting for my film such as, what angels should I use or what movement should I use in my shooting…….

Then Sia -The greatest this music MV inspired me.I think the way that the director present out the music MV was very good .The hole video was amazing and I think the MV was full of plentiful imagined pace for the odeon.I want to do something similarly this music MV.


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