Photography 2

It was holiday time. Today I went to ShenZhen international airport to find a view and see where will be fit my film.I went the airport parking area .It was big and its was bright enough .So I chose parking area for doing some shooting.

My model was Zara .She is a internet model in ShenZhen. We have chose many different place in the parking area to do the photography .We had use many different angle as well .Then I pick some of the photo that I think is good then use photoshop to develop on it . Firstly , I use photoshop  to make the bright and contract to be balance, then I start to change the color of the photo. Each photo I will change at least 4 ocular which mean 4 different effect will be show it out.I think this could be a development work as well.
I think parking area was a good chose for doing photography or film .I think I will do some short for my film in parking area.It was nice and I think the effect can comes out good.
Starting to think which parking area it will be my best chose to do some of my filming part.


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