Because this week is development week. We have to do some work and make some ideas to develop for our film. This is one of the image that I find from Google. I want to change this to be a collage. First I use some handwork skills and without computer effect and see what I can change.I use rope to circle on his head ,then I use maker pen to draw on his eyes. On the other image , I use correction fluid to drop on her head and make it spray out.
Moreover, I started to use computer to make some effect .I use photoshop to make the vitiligo explore more on his body and cut down some of the piece and change the background color .I had did four collage in the same way but different color.
Lastly, I print out the image of the effect that I did on photoshop , then by cutting other people vitiligo skin then stick on the image that I had print out.
In this three ways ,I like the last one. I think handwork work with computer will be more perfect and abundant.


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