Collage and illusration

development week
I had did another collage.First I use photoshop to change her skin to vitiligo and I use photoshop to cut the other image mouth to this image. Then I use water color to paint on her both eyes and make it spray down then It look like crying with different color but I think I had use wrong color ,because red and blue match together look a bit strict and look like vampire as well. Secondly, I use four different color nail polish  to paint on hi head and make it spray it down.I know it was a very simple ideas but I think it come out nice . I like it so much .Although the works was simple , simpleness was better then complex.

I did two illustration.But this two illustration was not my idea .I just saw this two drawing on instagram when I was doing research. But I really like it ,so i copy down and try to use my way to illustrate .I think the look imperfection.I like it so much and I think this is the first time that I will positive to do a drawing.


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