Ideas of my film


Today ,we have talk to Chloe to discuss what we want to present in our film .Actually, I didn’t have any diction yet .So when we discuss I told her I want to do  something special I want to present my ideas in very clear way. Then I tell her I want to do lights effect to present my ideas, light close and open in different timing in different place. I can take may different video such as , club ,street , school , anywhere with lights .But Chloe think this topic might be too small and not able to express the audience’s imagination.She said this idea can be keep for my film but not for the mine  topic .After my though , I realise this project want us to present imperfection and imperfection could means many things. So I shouldn’t only think one thing that won’t be enough reference for me to prepare my film.

I start thinking a person who was imperfection but he/she did successful in their life.When I was thinking ,my first though was Winnie Harlow.She was a model and she was vitiligo.I knew her form a TV program call American Next Top Model. She was very different between to other model .She got a special skin and her vitiligo make she to become special turn her life and because of her skin she catch all the judge eyes and make many people know there is a perfect model with vitiligo call Winnie Harlow.b4b21eebb2a1df3228ff0c2d842e9ea5.jpg

So I decide to do human imperfection. I want to present  human self abasement , emotion and the though of their most deep heart. Of course , I will remind myself do forgot what I want to do at first ,keep the lights idea and connect to my film.


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