Getting a new project


Today was my first day official in fashion promotion . I had chose fashion promotion for my major course because this course was very link to the course that I want to study in university .
In the first day we got a project , the theme is imperfection . We have to do a fashion film in 2-3 minutes. Jon and Chloe had show different kind for fashion film to us. I started thinking what I’m going to do in my film. Presenting Imperfection shooting skill? Human imperfection(outlook ,skin)? Imperfection behaviors? I’m not sure at the moment .So I start doing research by internet. I put Imperfection in Google to see what will it show.螢幕快照 2017-01-10 上午9.44.57.png
After I knew what the meaning of the word IMPERFECTION. I started to search what Google image will show in imperfection .
螢幕快照 2017-01-10 上午9.47.43.png
I was surprise after I see the result. The images it’s look like telling me some of the people feeling of imperfection , It’s like a emotion. It’s like a power. So I think in my idea ,I think imperfection means something its not good enough or was not perfect but Imperfection still could be perfect .
So I start to think of what other way I can present . Because I’m  not a said person I do not things feeling negative .


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