C&Cs 8-11-2016

W1siZiIsIjExNDc5OCJdLFsicCIsImNvbnZlcnQiLCItcmVzaXplIDIwMDB4MjAwMFx1MDAzZSJdXQ.jpgThis is Erich Heckel work Portrait of a Man (Männerbildnis)(1919).Department by drawings and prints .I can see a strong contrast colour .This gaunt self-portrait, made one year after the end of World War I, manifests a physical and spiritual weariness that was both personal and national.I think this is a good portrait although I don’t know this artist before .I think his work will influence me in my life drawing study .

Conrad Felixmüller

Self-Portrait (Selbstbildnis) (plate 24) from (German Printmakers of Our Time)1920 (print executed 1919) Department by drawing and prints .Deutsche Graphiker der Gegenwart (German printmakers of our time) brings together woodcuts, lithographs, and reproductions by thirty-one artists representing a cross-section of styles from Impressionism to Expressionism, uniting under a single cover works ranging from naturalistic self-portraits to left-wing political caricatures. It features works by artists associated with the Berlin Secession (an exhibiting society comprised primarily of German Impressionists), with Expressionist groups like the Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter, and with the political Novembergruppe, as well as artists like Max Beckmann who were not affliliated with any group.
In this work , I think it can inspire me in my illustration .This work like what we had learn before in life drawing class .

Comparing to this two work ,I think there drawing style was very similar .The shape of they draw was very near . They both use their way to make the five sense organs become more  characteristic .I like both of the artist work but I prefer Erich Heckel more .The reason of why I prefer him more , because I like things with color .I don’t like only black and white . Both of their work deserve me to study .


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