Following work , I had learn how to use carbon letters press .Using the lino to create the word that you like then get the different color of copy tracing paper cover on the lino then put the A4/A3 paper on the top then put a the things on the press machine by step by step . Then roll the roller make the press on the lino and the paper . Around 2-3 times , then you will see the words that you had create on lino will be copy on the paper . It was very interesting , seems like the oldest copy way .

Then I started to try using lino to do some creative work .I try to cut out the word from lino the use press machine .The other way is cut out the word and use the lino without the word then put in the press machine . Comparing this two ways I prefer the first way because i think cutting out the word can make more ways to create  and develop my design work .I had make the words “world peace “and “a farewell of arms” for my design by using carbon letters press .

Because of my project was about letters , so I started to find another ways that can make different letters faces or different ways to present letters . I find out I can use one of my child wood to create letters . I use different color blow makers by blowing to the water colour pen . It can come out a very nice result . You can control how hard you want or hoe the letters look like by blowing .I think it was a very interesting way to try to create letters . I like it so much .


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