Today is the first day of graphics and illustration rotation . First , we knew about what is graphic and illustration . Then we got our new project from . We have three weeks for us to design our zine . Before we go the project from , teacher had been show out what the last rotation student did and introduce what really is about zine . Our theme of the zine is letterform . For me , I think the ideas of the zine will be image more then letters . Maybe zine will seems like a booklet or a image book with a few letters match with the image .

Then we started to do a mind map . We do in two mind map , one of them is about zine the other one is about litters . In Zine part I think it should be relating to addiction which mean style , printing like photocopy , cover , what the material should be used and hand rendered like marker pen or water colour .In litters part , I think it might relating to shape or size , what kind of fonts , which typefaces , what software could be create the letters and hand rendered again .

After doing the mind map . We started to do some artist research . Teacher had been given us some of the famous artist in graphics and illustration . For example , Ben Ewe , Noma Bar , Babra Kruger , David Carson and Alan Kitching . After I had a quick look of the the style of the artist was , I decide to do research from Noma Bar ,BAbra Kruger and alan Kitching . Because I think their art works can inspire me to finished my project and I really enjoy looking theirs works . It was amazing .


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