As I said yesterday , Noma Bar works was the favorite graphics designer . Today I had do all the artist research .I did Babra Kruger , I think her work was very crazy but full of feeling . I think she should be a very emotional person . Her works was very catch people eyes to look it and I think in he work the most catch people eye things is the word that she putted in . Her works was very powerful .

I had do a responses work after doing her research . her inspire me that I can use image and word to show out my emotion  , feeling or what I wanna say . So I used “Life is hard ” with a black broken heart for my works .

And I still did one more artist research , it was Alan Kitching . Honestly , I related to other two artist I think Alan pitching is the one I don’t like most . I knew his is a very famous artist but for comparing to the others artist  I think his work is little less lively ,maybe is because of his work don’t have any images or photo ,so it make me feel a little boring after look all his work that he had did .It cannot be denied that his work was very nice in typographical . This is what I should learn from him . I like the colour he had used in his works .It was very young .


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