Today I started to do my zine design . After doing a lot of practices at the beginning .Now I can just use the work that I had did then using different way to develop it. I had use photo shop to develop my letterform construct . I had change into three different color and make a background color for it .I had use some of my photography to make a collage design .I still use my spray paint and develop with the photo copier then use photoshop add the image on it . Moreover , I still use some of the artist response works to create in photoshop and make a development . I had do around 12 pages of zine .All the works is from what I had learn in this few days then I use different technique to explore my works . I think it was very nice .I am not good at photoshop but I like to do something that I am not good at and try my best to make it . Sometimes looking after what  I did actually I feel quite proud of myself . It dosen’t mean I did a great job . It’s mean I feel I can do more different things and I had learn many things that I had never did it before . I really enjoy doing what I am doing now .Although is hard , I really grateful that what I had learn and what i can did now.


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