I had three practice today .
First , I went to the the central of Cambridge and observe what people doing and what I can hear might be snippets of conversation , words shouted , laughter ,any kind of comment then draw the people and their surroundings as you listen and watch. First , I went to the supermarket I saw a little girl ask her mum if she can have candy ,then I do a quick sketch for it .After that , I went to a cafe shop I saw a staff ask the costumer “Tea or coffee?” . Then I sketch  it again .Keeping doing this until I have draw 20 conversation sketches .I find out that its not easy to draw what the people said .I think in this part I should practice more .

The other things that I had did is tear an alphabet .Vreate a new alphabet by cutting tearing or folding paper or in fact any object . Be inspired by what I likes and dislikes or object around me for shape or use previous letters to base my ideas on .So I had use many different pamphlet from the last years ucas event .I chose different type of the pages  or image in the pamphlet then cut it out then stick on my sketch book .I think this work was cute . After cutting out 26 letters I think the result was good .different kind of  material made it out the letters it looks very nice .

Lastly , I learn how to use photo copier to develop the image effect .Before I think photo copier is a simple normal machine , but now I totally disagree my view . I think Photo copier was very inconceivable . I thought it can just do some simple copy , but it wasn’t . Photo copier can select what kind of color do you want and you can chose change to  signal color or double color .The effect came out very very nice .I think this is the most simple thins and the most easier things to work on but the effect came out is the best .It can help you to develop many ways of you work .For example ,After you print out the red copier ,you can put it back to the machine then change a color to print it out then it will come out somethings interesting . Photocopier not just only a printer it was a very fabulous machine .It really help me a lot by using photo copier to  finish my project.


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