Today , I did the letterform construct/ desconstruct . Which mean I can pick some of the letter that I like then sketch it out and paint the color on . After cutting it out . Then put it in different ways to see what will show out and what kind of effect will it be .This is the exercise for me to learn more way to develop how different visual effect could be explore by different ways .

I had used the type writer to print some of the words that I want . Putting the A4 paper and the copy tracing paper together . Then I can start printing words .It was a very interesting ways to show letters .Type writer is the only way can print the letters in old time . I think this is a very reminiscence work and I think using type writer to print the letters is very vintage . Its  a very elegance letterform .

I did the blind drawing .Closing my eyes then sketch out the words . I think its quite fun and after you blind drawing you may will find out some of the words drawing might be very nice or come out a good visual effect . I think  blind drawing have a good thing is it can help us to improve our controlling when we were doing illustration .

In this three skills , I think was very important for me . I think this three skills will help me al lot in my final piece .I will keep running on what I have learn of the skills in these few days .


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