I had did a mood board today, I had chosen the image  about zine and letters that i like from internet .

We had learn how to do a stencil paint , I had chosen three different letters typefaces of me to create my works . I had chosen a word “PEACE” to started my stencil paint . I had try using many different color to see how will be work the best way . Then I find out light blue with light green and pink color it comes out very beautiful effect . Peach color match with pink and yellow was not bad too .

After doing stencil paint ,we had learn spray paint .It was very easy to do it .Comparing with stencil paint , I think spray paint can come a better effects and I think spray paint could make more different feeling and it can more easier to develop .I like using spray paint , it was really cool .I like the effect that he present out .

By doing the stencil and spray paint . I did a artist research which is Alan Kitching . His work was nearly all about letters by using stencil and spray . He was a very famous London artist . I had  find out he got a work shop in London and I decide to have a look when I got free time . His work is so clean and got very sharp contrast . He’s work was full of young feeling .After doing his research , I did a response work . Because of thinking his work was coming out strong effect I decide to do a stencil paint by using red , orange and black color   .My design work was call”SAVE LOVE” . I really enjoy doing the stencil paint , because the effect can easily to come out .I like the work that I had did very much .


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