Today , I did my last artist research . It was Noma Bar . Firstly , I want to talk about how i feel from his work . Seriously , I really like his work.  I was wondering if I want to be a graphics designer or illustrator , I wish I could did the same kind of design like him . I like the way that he present his work . the first feeling that I have seen his work was I feel very confutable . His work is not complexity , I have herd a “less is more” and I think this meaning is total direct to him . Simple design with soft color  .It won’t make the visitor feel visual fatigue after looking his work and I think all of his word is very interesting every works that he had did you can easily to get what he want to present . Actually , he didn’t draw a lot . I think the main point is he got a really clear mind and after what he had draw he only have to add a little things then it will make all his work change to a very good effect .
I try to do a design work after doing his research . I used clouds and sun to create a human emotion . As I said  ,”less is more ” I only draw two little things but it can easily to come out a effect that I want  . I really like his style of his work and the way that he like to present his work . It was very vitality art works . I think I will keep reminding myself to do the works of the style like Noma bar .

I had went to The Fitzwilliam Museum to visited a exhibition – The Art and Science of illuminated manuscripts for my primary research . I went to this museum main point is focus on the letterform . I have to find out three different kinds of letterform that I was interested and what illustration that I prefer . I did a very quick sketch in the museum .
In my opinions ,I think nowadays many of the letterform was develop by this kind of letters ,which mean what we can see interesting letter was come out from from there .
It was very cool . I find in old days people was very circumspection ,all their drawing was very exquisite . I wish I can visit more this kind of museum .


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