C&CS 20-9-2016

DaDa movement
Dada is nothing , it didn’t mean anything . All the things could be Dada . Dada began at Berlin , Germany who name Dr . Otto Bur chard . It emerged 
between 1916 to 1918 . It was nearly the end of The first World War .

Cabaret Voltaire was the name of a nightclub in Zürich, Switzerland . During World War I and among the many refugees coming to Zürich were artists from all over Europe. The Cabaret Voltaire. Under this name a group of young artists and writers has formed with the object of becoming a center for artistic entertainmen . In principle, the Cabaret will be run by artists, permanent guests, who, following their daily reunions, will give musical or literary performances. Young Zürich artists, of all tendencies, are invited to join us with suggestions and proposals. While the Dada movement was just beginning, by 1917 the excitement generated by the cabaret Voltaire had fizzled out and the artists moved on to other places in Zürich such as the Galerie Dada at Bahnhofstrasse 19, then later Paris and Berlin.

Fountain (1917)
Artist: Marcel Duchamp
Duchamp was the first artist to use a readymade and his choice of a urinal was guaranteed to challenge and offend even his fellow artists. There is little manipulation of the urinal by the artist other than to turn it upside-down and to sign it with a fictitious name. By removing the urinal from its everyday environment and placing it in an art context, Duchamp was questioning basic definitions of art as well as the role of the artist in creating it. With the title, Fountain, Duchamp made a tongue in cheek reference to both the purpose of the urinal as well to famous fountains designed by Renaissance and Baroque artists. In its path-breaking boldness the work has become iconic of the irreverence of the Dada movement towards both traditional artistic values and production techniques. Its influence on later twentieth century artists such as Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, and others is incalculable.
Urinal – Philadelphia Museum of Art

Artist : Kurt Schwitters
Kurt Hermann Eduard Karl Julius Schwitters (20 June 1887 – 8 January 1948) was a German artist who was born in Hanover, Germany.

Schwitters worked in several genres and media, including Dadaism, Constructivism, Surrealism, poetry, sound, painting, sculpture, graphic design, typography, and what came to be known as installation art. He is most famous for his collages, called Merz Pictures.

Das Undbild, 1919, Staatsgalerie Stuttgartdasundbild

As I siad , dada means nothing. Dada could be anything . In my opinion , I think both of the artist that I had did research I think both of their work was very different the information showing out is totally different .I can’t say which one is better , which one is more dada .I can just only say I prefer Marcel Duchamp work more .I think it look very simple very clean  .I can know what is the first information he want to present .


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