17-10-2016Theatre Art

Face casting and makeup

Finished custom design project.We had got a new project it was doing a face casting and doing a makeup design .We have to finish this two work in the rest of the week which means we have to finish when the end of the rotation.Finally ,we get on to the makeup part.This is the most popular part for the femal student and I was really exciting as well .I can try to do different kind of makeup like some of the makeup we won’t do in nonmal days.I think it will be a very memorable days.

Today we had did the face casting part first because after doing the reverse mound it take quite long time to wait for it be dry.Sue has do a example on one of the student to show us the process so it can let us to easier to understand the hole works how to run on.

There are the photos when the teacher doing the example on the classmate to show us the step of face casting.

This is the final work when it become dry.

After showing us .Its time for ourself to do it by our own. Because of time was not really enough,so we work in pairs and we desieded to change to make hand casting.I think make hand casting is more safety because doing casting you have to do every step as quick as you can .I think because of our first time is hard to contral the time and one more thing is because the material looked like liquid it very easy to get into our nostril and its very dangerous ,I don’t want to make any dangerous things happen.So I did the hand casting with my partner .

There are the process when me and my partner doing the hand casting.


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