14-10-2016 Theatre Art

Custom design-development

After doing all the research I have a clear mind to start to do my design , so today I started on of my custom design I had made total five sketch of my design and each of them is develop though to the last sketch and after all the ideas developed I had got my final design .

This five sketches it’s my develop design.

This is my final design ,I knew it look the most simple one but I think because of I never did any making custom work befor so I want to do something that I think I will be fine with it and can make it the best that I cloud do.

After finishing sketch design , I started to work on my design by using fabric .I chosen a black gauze to make my custom .I think is a little bit hard to use gauze to make it bacause it’s too transparent so I have made the gauze to make in triple folio then it won’t be too transparent.I separate in three part to make my custom. First, I put gauze around the model body then I use needle to sew on to the shape that I want .Lastly, I use the white fabric the cut out the shape for the decorating parts then see on the custom.

I feel doing the sketch design is not the most difficult part.The most difficult part is how to make the real design by hand because I want to make it in perfect so it’s hard to make it totally the same as what I had so in sketch design .Anyway, I had try my best 🤗


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