12-10-2016Therate Art

Custom Design
After we have finished the set design . We are going to do a custom design for a cheater that we are going to create . At the theme of the custom will be link with the set design that we had done .

Firstly, I have do a mind map to think what idea do I have and see what i can connect in the mind that I have . Because of this custom have to rely to the set design so my main word in my mind map was “Festival/Carnival”  and I have link with color that I like , what style that I want , what make up dose it match wit the custom and what the story want to be show out .

Follow on , I did two of the custom designer research . I don’t like some of the custom which is very old days style , I like modern style like custom design of “Black swan” and “Cinderella” , so I had did research of Amy Westcott and Sandy Powell  which did the custom design of “Black Swan” and “Cinderella” . I really like Amy Westcott she did a really great job in her design for her cheater in Black Swan .What she had design had show how the black swan should be ,strong and attract  . I love it so much . Sandy Powell her design make me feel so sweet . This film before was a cartoon and now because of changing the cartoon to modern film so the custom  have to change it too .   The effect come out great , seems like people wondering something that is impossible to become true but she made it .Hows a amazing custom that she had made .

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