7-10-2016 Theatre Art

After doing all the research in last few days . I finally started to do my set design .
Firstly , I confirm my set design way . I want to do a fashion show set design . I had did one of my first though sketch of set design and then develop more and more . Finally after eight develop sketches of set design . I had sketch my final design . I like something that not boring . I like something thats look young , so I had design a crown for background . Then I had made  a triangle stage for my design . I had made a two gap in the middle of the triangle it’s because i want to make  a light effect by using the gap space  with glass paper. Moreover , i had made four circles  shape of gap at the lower part and think putting the different glass paper on it then when the light shine on the glass paper the background will show the light effect .

After I finished the sketch design I started to use  cystosepiment to cut out the sketch design . Made it by step by step , finally i had nearly finish the shape of the set that i had design . I think the most difficult part of making the set was using cystosepiment to made the triangle stair at the front of the stage . I had raised almost one and a half hour with the stairs .


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