5-10-2016 Theatre Art

Today was the second day of our rotation . We had to present what we had did on last two days . I went to do my primary research today . I had took a lot of photos around Cambridge .  I found out that actually Cambridge is a very nice city . There is one building inspired me.

I really like this building with a lot of leaves on the wall.

Second things that i had done today was I did two set designer research . I chose two of the set designer that i prefer there set style . They were MiMi Lien and ES Devlin . MiMi Lien she is a USA girl . She is a very creative girl ,she keep her style simple and clean . All of her set design always will have a big sport light with it . She rarely use bright colour I think she prefer to use the color which is close to dark color  . ES Devlin , is a female . I like her set design . It show like really graphics . Using strong colour compare to show the effect . I like it very much it look very fashionable it won’t make audience feel visual fatigue . The idea was vey fresh .


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