3-10-2016 Theatre Art

Today I had started a new rotation it was theatre art . I am really interested with this subject . We will do a set design , custom design and makeup design in this three weeks .
And today we had got a new project form . The teacher asked us to do a set design and the theme was about festival. My first though about festival I think festival could be anything , Christmas and Chinese New Year  is a traditional festival but i still think even concerts , carnivals or fashion show could be a festival as well.

So I started to think about what kind of set can link with festival . I used the basic step to start my project . Firstly , do a mind map to keep thinking more about my project and see what can I  imagine when i saw the word festival . I had think about four different ways . There were traditional festival , background of the festival , social media and outlook of festival .

Secondly , I started to do a mood board. I had chosen some of my set design that I like and did some illustrate . I still find some photo from internet about different kind of festival photo that i think it should be such as , International Balloon Festival, a very famous EDC music carnival , Oscar film award ceremony , Thailand Songkroan festival , China Spring Festival Gala and One of my favorite fashion show Victoria Secret . I think I will get on  to fashion show way to start my set design .


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