10-10-2016Theatre Art

Set design
Today I have colour my stage and I try to use coulurful colour to paint on my stage because I was wondering to made my set to look more young blood and it won’t look so invariable . At last I use yellow , black and red . I use yellow for the blackground , red colour for the floor of the stage and black colour for the connect part of the stage .

After I finished of my painting . I try to use some metrical to put on my stage and see how’s working good . I descided to use some glass paper to put into the gap and I make four hole on each side of the the connect part of the stage . Then I can use the flashlight to shine on it so it can show the lights effect on the background .Moreover , I used black colour and gold colour to colour the stairs in front of the stage . The reason of why using this colour because the stage I had use shiny colour so I think I should use some dark colour to make the stage look more high class and feel much fashionable.

[This is the colour collage that I use to think of what kind of colour I can use for my design]

[[[This is my final piece!!!!!!]]]

[[[And there is the process that about how did I finish my set design.]]]To sum up , I really enjoy in this few days . I had learn a lot of things and I love the moment that when i was doing the set design . My teacher had give us a lot of opinions and suggestion . That’s really helpful for us . I love to trying to do different things . This will be a very good experience for my future life.


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