15-9-2016STYLE-Mood board

Today,I keep doing my mood board about my project.I had continue the idea what i have wrote in my main map and i add some my favourite image and I had show what kind of colour that I like.Moreover i still add some hairstyle that i wanted and some of the life style image that i prefer.Lastly i still add some brands of bags design that I appreciate.

Macaroon colour makes me remind Korea,I love Korea style mix with a little bit USA casual feel.It make me feel young ,sunshine,health and comfortable. What the most I like is wear nor really formal but will show your dress style not unfromal with a little makeup and light colour hair.

Therefor,Chloe had showed one of the last year student have done in her sketchbook,her idea was so creative have put many of what style she like and she wanted ,her sketchbook image and illustration is simple and clear to understand what her style.I like it!

We went to photographic studio to learn how to use the flash light maschin and how can it connect with camera and take the photo with the flash light at same time. We still learned how to use photoshop to crate photos and make a GIF with gifmaker.


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