Today I did the research about two artist that I like.

Firstly,I find some works that I like from their social media.I had find Niky Roehreke works from Instergram.I love her works a lot.The work that she present was colourful and it made me feel the contrast Colorado did very well.She can use handwriting to do her works and she can also use computer to finish her work in perfect as well.She used to use strang colour on her works.

Ernesto Artillo,his style is totally different with Niky Roehreke.He love to use light colour and all what he had did in his work is about dresses.Usually all his work will have a human face on his work and he use different way to present the dress on the model wearing.How he show his style is quite interesting .Light colour match together and I think all his work is did by computer.I love it.

At Last,I had try to mix their style and create a new fashion collages by myself.


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