Continue to my project


What I have did yesterday,I keep doing my projects.I was a bit confused to my project so I was stuck on it.Until Chloe came to me and help me to slove my confuse.

I think I am a bit lost in fashion collages and colour swatch pages part.I’m not really sure what I have to do.Moreover,my main map got a little problem so it made me felling confuse in the hole project.

Now I know what I have to do.In fashion collages part I had to find some image or draw something and match with it then try to do make a image in a creative way.In colour swatch pages part,I had to find some colour that I prefer then find some dress style that match with the colour that I prefer.Then I can use photoshop or hand drawing to make the pages that show the colour and the dress style that connect together.

Next,after I finish those part of work.I have to start doing some research about brands and costumer .After that I have to do some shoot to the style that I want and connect to the project that I had prepare.

The example of colour swatch pages.

The photo below was the tutor gave some information and question to help and try to make us to do project more clearly and easily .

This is what I think of fashion and style should be.


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