C&CS 13-9-2016

Introduction to C20 Art

Today was my first lesson to study contextual studies.Quite confuse on this lesson before,because i don’t know what we have to do and what we can do on class,but after Johanna introduce the course it make me feel better.

This is the photo that we have to think about the image background and give our opinions in my group.
This printing show it like a map.The designer use light colour to print and it make colourful,little messy printing style but it didn’t make visitor feel unbearable to contemplate.I can see this printing didn’t show something bad or sadly,I think it should be want to show things happy or peace.Therefor, talk about the colour again,using this kind of colour it really make strong contrast and i.e. really come out a very good effect.I like this printing .


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