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On 12nd Sep,it was my first day to have my class formally.I’m going to study fashion promotion for three weeks then will change to other subject class.Fashion promotion was my first choice when i decide which subjects do i want to study ,I was really interested about it and can’t wait to have the lesson.Finally, I had finished my first lesson.My teacher is Chloe,she was nice and didn’t feel like is a hard person to communicate.She has been explained my most confuse question about what really fashion promotion is and what can subject can we apply to university after we finished fashion promotion course.

After introducing,we got our project,it will take us three weeks to finish it.The objective of my project was “STYLE” ,we started to learn how to do a main map and wood board.I never did it before,so is a little bit hard for me to caught on,but i will try.I did many research about ”STYLE”,because of i hate drawing so i print many photo try to show out my mind.

It was a nice lesson,try something that i have never try before.However,I have homework which is finish my main map and wood board.


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